"I was curious whether he shared the opinion of Bob Kummerfeld in Sydney that the OSI process was a negative influence.

Geoff [Houston] felt that OSI was a good thing. It had kept all the goers busy, preventing them from turning their attention to forums where real work was being done. Had OSI not existed, all these people would have looked around for something to do and found things like IETF meetings.

Under the Huston theory of standards development (and like any good theory, it helped predict and explain many phenomena of the standards world), one of the best things that could be done for the Internet community would be to initiate a movement for OSI++, keeping the standards potatoes fully occupied for another ten years." - Carl Malamud

How Bob Shaw put the ITU into the domain business. Suggested musical accompaniment: "Wrapped around my finger" by The Police.


Why Bob Shaw owes me $20


How the ITU snuck the GAC into ICANN

And by "ITU" I really mean Bob Shaw.


Foreign agents influence GE Federal Systems Division

...then attempt to hide their trail. Ok not "foreign agentS", "foreign agent". His name was Robert Shaw.