Jan 13, 2005

Jan 13, 2005

I was, as usual, taking the kids into town for an iced cappuccino and to go to the petshop. I'd look at the fish they'd look at everything else. So like, I'm standing there gaping at guppies or some thing and Cait comes running over and says "Dad! Dad! You gotta see this cat, it's weird, it's different, it's yellow and it has fur like an Abyssinian". Ok, I'm interested. I had an Aby cat once, they are beyond Tres kewl.

So I walk over there. I look at the cat, it was obvious which ones she's talking about. The cat lies down, sticks it's paw on my arm, holds it there and I swear says "about time you got here, get me outta here. i'm hungry".

Now, my response so far and up to this point had always been a steadfast and resounding "no" whenever the subject of "let's get a (nother) cat" arose so I was doubleplus shocked when I heard my self say "how much for the cat?".

You can't buy a cat from the petshop, you have to adopt through the SPCA and that had to be done the next day, but done it was. What am I doing?

The kids and I couldn't find the cat carrier. But we had two small dogs at the time and we had harnesses for them. So I took a dog harness. The stupid cat was more than happy to wear the harness because he was so eager to go and explore. He just took off like a dog instead of cowering on a leash which is what cats usually do if you try to put a leash on them.

I took pictures of him as soon as we got home. The store said his name was "Gilligan" so that was immediately changed to "Loki" cause he just looked like trouble. And he was and is.

People tell me because of the eyes, temperament, size etc that he's part Bengal. So he's got some wild blood in him from the Asian wild cat.

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