September 2006 Images

September 2006 Images


Good kitty fat kitty,
mellowing with age.
Gee kitty oh kitty,
why you has such rage?


The back of the barn on a foggy morning. It's the kind of fotty morning where in the movies a T. rex appears. They're really the only thing I worry about out here in the county. I'm not afraid of bears or wolves - they're not really a problem... but a T. rex? You gonna die.

The barn

One morning I took a bunch of pictures of the sun coming up over the Moira river a little bit south of here, near rabbitland where Tom used to live. If you look carefully you can see a heron on the small island in the middle of the rover.

50 Gallon semi aquascaped aquarium

This is one of my grow out tanks. When it gets full enough it almpst begins to look like it's actually been aquascaped. The red lily in the picture was divided into 7 plants and repotted.