Berryman's House and the Waterhouse estate

In 2004 I stayed at John B's house in the Adirondaks. It's the one on the left (from google maps). The other picture is the Waterhouse estate. In the 2004 pictures john is standing on the part of the stonework he built; it's at the bottom right of the google map picture here.
For reference, here's the Waterhouse estate pictures I took back in 2004.

IMG_4002t.jpg IMG_4004t.jpg IMG_4005t.jpg IMG_4006t.jpg IMG_4011t.jpg IMG_4012t.jpg IMG_4021t.jpg IMG_4023t.jpg IMG_4032t.jpg IMG_4035t.jpg IMG_4046t.jpg IMG_4051t.jpg IMG_4053t.jpg IMG_4054t.jpg IMG_4075t.jpg IMG_4079t.jpg IMG_4082t.jpg IMG_4089t.jpg IMG_4093t.jpg IMG_4106t.jpg jbmant.jpg waterhouset.jpg