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At 8:50 pm EST I saw a light in the sky - which happens a lot, the 8th wing air base is a couple of miles away. But this one was orange, and planes are never orange. It sorta just stayed there in the sky, moving a bit, changing shape, I grabbed my camera which took about 7 seconds, and when I got back the light was gone and there was some sort of light trail in the sky. This is the picture I got. Bell bridge, where it descends into Prince Edward County.
queen_broke_fbfailt.png IMAG0826t.jpg IMAG0827t.jpg IMAG0828t.jpg IMAG0829t.jpg IMAG0830t.jpg IMAG0831t.jpg IMAG0832t.jpg IMAG0833t.jpg IMAG0834t.jpg IMAG0836t.jpg IMAG0837t.jpg IMG_6214t.jpg fbfailt.png