The Day Lovejoy Came To Our Street.

In late September 2019 we got a notice they'd be filming in our street and that it would be all blocked off. The show was a Starz series called "Sister Rising". Never heard of it.

They did indeed show up and we took a few hundred photos.

Later, as I was processing the the phtos and tried looking up this series again; previous attempts had failed.

Turns out out this series has another name, it's Neil Gaiman's _American Gods_.

Looking at the photos today there's one guy who looked like a homeless bum. Now that we knew the name of the show we could look it up. That homeless bum looking guy was Lovejoy, Ian McShane.

DSC06226t.jpg DSC06227t.jpg DSC06228t.jpg DSC06229t.jpg DSC06230t.jpg DSC06232t.jpg DSC06231t.jpg DSC06233t.jpg DSC06234t.jpg DSC06235t.jpg DSC06236t.jpg DSC06237t.jpg DSC06239t.jpg DSC06238t.jpg DSC06240t.jpg DSC06241t.jpg DSC06242t.jpg DSC06243t.jpg DSC06244t.jpg DSC06245t.jpg DSC06246t.jpg DSC06248t.jpg DSC06249t.jpg DSC06250t.jpg DSC06251t.jpg DSC06252t.jpg DSC06254t.jpg DSC06253t.jpg DSC06255t.jpg DSC06256t.jpg DSC06257t.jpg DSC06258t.jpg DSC06259t.jpg DSC06260t.jpg DSC06261t.jpg DSC06262t.jpg DSC06263t.jpg DSC06264t.jpg