Boris, Number 10 Downing St with Daleks

Boris' new plan.


Wales, from Ireland.


Biden, this champion of normality and science, appoints all Obama’s cold-warriors and war-mongers back into the office and imagines it “scientific.” He re-appoints Jen Psaki, one of the most tongue-tied and uneducated people who ever entered White House--Trump crowd including --as his spokeswoman! And what does this Psaki do the second day at her job? Declares that US will hold Russia accountable for its reckless and adversarial actions. It takes a special kind of ignorance and gall for a post-Trump American to start accusing other countries in reckless and adversarial actions. Replacing Pompeo with Psaki is not scientific. In fact, it is highly anti-Darwinian.

Don’t forget the new mantra: If it is Democratic, it is decent, normal, and scientific. - Vladimir Golstein

Can someone please turn the faucet off on all this vomitous sanctimony about unity? I keep thinking about the homeless encampment a mile from the Capitol where a fire broke out and spooked the inauguration rehearsal. It was 26 degrees at 3 am there and I doubt they were feeling the love. - Ann Garrison

All this blather about "unity" behind 7 foot fences topped with razor wire and 25K+ National Guard troops deployed seems to point to an irony deficiency. -Mike Murphy