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Sex and violence in the animal kingdom

Sex and violence in the animal kingdom

It's not uncommon when breeding tropical fish that the male kills the female (or vice versa) and given the ability to use Google to search for the phrase "killed the male" or "killed the female" adding a single modifier word from one of "fish", "killifish", "cichlid", "snake", "lizard", "dog", "cat" and so on actually gives some interesting results, shown below. the search fish "killed the female" has thousands of hits. no. ew. there are half as many for "killed the male" ooooook, now in birds, "killed the male" is 16X more common than "killed the female" in snakes 24X as likely to be killed female than killed male. cats are about even, slight more femals than males, but not by much dogd are even more closely matched. mice, 20% more males die than femalkes.

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