Marineland of the Pacific

Marineland of the Pacific

I used to watch commercials as a kid, on the Buffalo station, WGR channel 2. We also had 4 and 7 from Buffalo and 6 and 6 from Toronto. And 11 from Hamilton. That was our TV universe. You hear that kids?

The Buffalo channels sometimes ran ads for Marineland of the Pacific and Marlin Perkins always seemed to be going on about it.

I've been into fish and sea life since I was a wee 'un, and this was a very strong memory to me and I always wanted to go.

Imagine my surprise when I'd moved to the LA area and went to Golden Cove plaza down the road for the first time and there, across the road, was Marineland which I'd all but forgotten about. I did get to go there - what an awful place with trick seals and dolphins and a sick killer whale. It closed shortly after and I remember driving down there and seeing the condo-like things that replaced it. Hearnig that it's a luxo-resort now comes as no great shock.

That's one serious set of restaurants they have there and the next time I feel compelled for a $200 per person dinner in LA I know where I want to go. But, there's 5 of them and while none can be considered cheap by any stretch, you can get a coffee for a quarter more than I paid for the one in front of me now ($1.75) and a hot dog for only a buck more than the one I got off a street vendor downtown last night ($5). Seems like a fun place to go for coffee is nothing else.

Somebody should point out to them Indian spirits have always insisted there be a large aquarium setup there. I know just the guy to do it.