Random assortment of watches from the twentieth century


Classic Omega Seamaster 30

Omega - 17 jewel signed manual wind movement (cal. 286), near mint stainless steel signed round screw back case (35mm, no personalized engraving), new crown, near mint signed, black luminous marker and painted numeral dial, sweep seconds. Superb overall condition on this late 1950's "Seamaster 30" Omega says was originally sold to the Indian Army. New dial has the latest phosphours and glows like a bastard. Has NOS balance complete installed. Of all the different cases used in the Seamaster 30 watch I think this is the nicest. If you want an accurate watch that you can read at night, this is the one for you.


Exceptionally fine original dial on this 1962 Bulova twin crown divers super compressor

Bulova - Superb Swiss made 'super compressor' screw back stainless steel case (36mm, no personalized engraving), 17 jewel signed full rotor automatic movement (cal 11AFAC), Bulova crowns, near mint+ signed black dial (original) with luminous numerals and markers, rotating inner diver's bezel calibrated in minutes, sweep seconds. Exceptionally nice original dial on this 1962 Bulova diver's timepiece. Exact same case as used by Longines, JLC etc for their version of this watch. The Bulova just had the better movement :-)


Classic gold top Omega Seamaster.

20 jewel signed full rotor automatic movement (cal. 501), near mint 14K yellow gold-shell signed round press back case (34mm, no personalized engraving), Omega YGF crown, superb original "dagger" dial with applied gold hour and minute markers with a lovely patina, sweep seconds. On ostrich strap. With the nearly flawless case and superb orginal dial it's one of the few unmolested original Seamasters left.


Superb ss/14k Omega Seamaster

20 jewel signed full rotor automatic movement (cal. 501), near mint 14K yellow gold bezel on stainless steel signed round press back case (34mm, no personalized engraving), Omega YGF crown, excellent two tone dial with applied gold hour and minute markers, sweep seconds. On period correct JB Champion YGF/SS bracelet. Omega sold this braclet with it's own name on it they bought from from Champion. This is the same bracelet with a JB Champion clasp. Finding this style of bracelet in ss/14K is exceptionally difficult. Finding one with endpieces even more so and the astute observer will note the gold endpieces. I can't tell you just how many bits I had to buy to get this bracelet to work. Nicer than a datejust though at the end of the day.


Exotic ball and tube lug vintage Bulova on gold bracelet

Bulova rectangle with ball and tube lugs on Forstner gold filled bracelet, in very good overall condition. 17 jewel Bulova Cal 8BA movement with 14K yellow gilled filled snapback case with signed steel snap back. All original, serviced within 4 years. Very unusual exotic Bulova from the 40's with nearly new period bracelet.


YGF Bulova Excellency with exotic lugs and flawless dial

High grade 21 jewel Bulova Cal 7AA movement, substantial yellow gold filled snap back case with ygf snap back. Excellent two tone silver dial with gold Arabic numbers. Comes on JB Champion period correct bracelet that was NOS and worn less than a dozen times. Stunning example of one of the higher grade Bulovas from the late 40s early 50s with a hefty case, sculpted lugs and no trace of brassing - it could nearly pass for new. With original bevelled crystal.


Yellow Gold Filled Vintage Bulova Rectangle

Very good gold filled engraved stepped rectangular case 39mm tall, ok original white dial with raised Romans numerals, gold filled snap back (engraved), correct hands - which are new. 17 jewel (adjusted) Bulova Cal 6AE handwound movement serviced by Shane Ede within the last 4 years. Comes on a barely used Hirsch Gaucho black strap.


NOS Bulova Bankers

Manual wind 17J Bulova movement, flawless yellow gold filled case and snap back. All original, all as new condition. Bought as NOS with a hang tag (now lost) and never worn. Has been cleaned and oiled with synthetic oil for preservation, will need to be cleaned and oiled with regular oil if it is to be worn. Braclet original to watch. NOS condition.


43mm Bulova curvex with high grade movement

43mm 14K gold filled case and curved snap back, handwound adjusted Bulova 17 J Cal 7AP movement. Signed white dial with raised gold arabics, subsecond hand. Some brassing to both case and back, dial in good condition. On black leather strap.


Very unusual white gold Bulova curvex.

This is the weirdest Bulova curvex style watch I've ever seen and I've collected them a while. Case and curved snap back are white gold filled, the only one I've ever seen. Signed bulva and gold filled. Hands are new and luminous. The original dial is very different too, and quite rare for this style of watch. Silver dial with painted radium numbers. They still glow, but very very faintly. Now, it's not like the radium has worn out, and in fact if you were to paint a bit of some modern phosphour on top of the numerals they'd glow quite brightly. On a very rare Kreisler mesh link bracelet with double butterfly clasp in rose gold fill. The bracelet itself is steel , while the clasp is rose gold filled. A very interesting watch to somebody who is into elongated rectangles or curvex style watches. The back is a little loose on this. Not unwearable, but not tight. 1940s.


43mm Bulova curvex

Another 43 mm Bulvoa curvex in yellow gold fill. It also has that very rare radium luminous dial with sans serif radium painted numbers on a silver painted dial. 17J Bulova Cal 7AP hand wound movement. Watch is all original. On unsigned but marked gold filled kreisler-like mesh bracelet. Case has zero brassing, it, the curved stainless steel snap back and gold filled braclet look new. Bracelet was NOS and only worn a few times. Rare luminous version (dial and hands) of Bulova long case watch other than the dial in as-new condition.


46mm engraved case deco Bulova long rectangle with high grade movement

Bulovas big "curvex" model, 46mm long yellow gold filled engraved case, curved steel snap back, 21J Bulova 7AP hand wound movement, rhodium plated with chatons. Stunning and rare dial in deco two tone black and slate grey. On rare Kreisler yellow gold filled mesh bracelet correct for the brand and period.


43mm Bulvoa curvex with gray/back dial

43mm Bulova "Curvex" yellow gold filled case with steel curved snap back. 17J Bulova Cal 7AH hand wound movement. On an unusual and NOS Oleet fine mesh bracelet with engraved buckle. Stunning deco grey/black two tone dial, rare for this model of watch, on new gold filled bracelet. 1940s. In this as-new condition and with thie bracelet it looks just as it would in a store in 1937-1943.


Huge old Bulova in superb condition

May be from the 1920s or 1930s. Huge (by vintage standards) yellow gold filled three piece case with yellow gold filled snap back. 9 Jewel Bulova handwound movement in bare steel, signed. No shock protection. Luminous Mercedes hands, original dial with hand painted radium numbers; dial has a lovely patina that cannot be captured in a photograph. Subsecond hand. Impressive old and big Bulova from the 1920s or 30s in above average and original condition. Rare.


Stepped case deco Bulova

Phantom actually refers to the model of the Kreisler braclet this watch was sold on and is original to this watch. Yellow gold filled two piece case with steen snap back. 17 Jewel handwound Bulova movement. Cream dial with raised gold markers at the hours.


23J 1950s Bulova triangle

Weird 50's retro Bulova triangle with high grade 23 jewel movement. The late 50's and early 60's were the golden age for American watch manufacturors as their case designs had become downright bizarre, but backed up with the famous 23 jewel handwound movement that in some watches was adjusted to 6 positions. It can be a deadly accurate movement to go with the space age looks.


Big Bulova tube lug watch

Bulova made two tubular lug watches to compete with the Hamilton Dobson. The small ones used a special strap, is common, but is, well, small. The larger one here looks more reasonable today and is very large for a vintage watch. Two piece yellow gold filled case with steel snap back, white dial (older refinish) with gold raised arabic numbers, gold hands on a black leather strap. 17 Jewel Bulova Cal 7AP handwound movement.


Two tone tube lug Bulova on new gold mesh bracelet

The grey black (original) dial is rare. The watch itself is uncommon, but one with a non-white dial even less common. This is the only one I've ever seen. On a 14K gold filled Apex mesh bracelet that was NOS a couple of years ago and worn only a few weeks. 17 Jewel adjusted handwound Bulova Cal 7AP movement. Huha for a 40's watch, it's nicer and bigger than anything Hamilton ever made like this and still looks good, today. Superb bright dial. This is the more scare higher end version with the two tone dial, adjusted movement and gold back. Better than anything you can buy new for the money, still looks new.


Engin pink gold curvex

Bulova curvexes are nice but they never made one in rose gold, ever, which is a shame. However here's an Elgin pink gold filled curvex style watch. 40mm pink gold filled case with pink gold filled snap back, high grade 21 jewel movement. pink orange (original) dial with painted numbers, domed original acrylic crystal.


Huge white gold 1920s or 30s Elgin

Very old Elgin watch from 1920s on 1930s. Stunning watch but needs a part. A spring click or something like that. Dashto had one but I never followed through. Stunning, white gold filled engraved case, original silver dial with painted (radium) numerals. 9 jewel no shock protection handwound Elgin movement.


Stunniing space age rare in white gold retro Bulova TV watch

Probably the rarest and most exotic watch on this page. The TV watches are a bit uncommon, I've only seen one in white gold - this one. Marked "10K rgp" it comes with the unusually rare wide mesh white gold Kreisler bracelet, the only white gold ones I've ever seen; the wide Kreislers are exceptionally uncommon. 17 Jewel handwound Bulova Cal 11AF Swiss movement winds unbeleivably smoothly, stainless steel snap back signed "Bulova Fifth Avenue" and signed date code M0 for 1960. Original very good textured silver dial, silvered markers and hands. More elegant than a new Patek, elegant in all white gold this slim dress watch looks like it could be new both phsically and space age design despite being 47 years old.


Rare hooded lug Bulova TV watch

The hooded lug TV watches are less common than the regular gold filled ones but more common than the white gold ones. Your choice of a black leather strap or 14K gold filled kreisler wide mesh bracelet. The bracelet is in good condition, but they're so impossibly rare in the wide (18mm) version they're hard to resist. 17 Jewel handwound Bulova Cal 11AF Swiss movement winds like silk. Signed 1960. Original silver dial. Stainless snap back.


1960 Vintage Bulova TV Watch

Dramatic vintage Bulova with black dial and 50's retro case hands and markers. Yellow gold filled case with stainless steel snap back. Handwound 17 jewel Bulova movement. Unusual with a black dial. Comes on a Kreisler black Teju lizard strap.