2011 Photoessays

2011 Photoessays

dot-xxx 01_one -  Suits and yobbos dot-xxx 02_two -  Try not to stare at the bum dot-xxx 03_three -   Crossing the picket line?
dot-xxx 04_four -   Berryhill dot-xxx 05_five dot-xxx 06_six dot-xxx 07_seven

When the going gets weird...

godaddy elephant - Bob Parsons kills an elephant Oh no you didn't...
godaddy gnu - Bob Parsons killed a gnu. A gnu! (facepalm) A gnu?!? godaddy zebra - Bob Parsons kills a zebra No unicorns?

Great white hunter.

Animals Bob "Godaddy" Parsons has slaughtered.

When PETA found out about the elephant they pulled their name.

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