The Ghost House on Mulholland Drive

The Ghost House on Mulholland Drive

The old black bottom pool holds lots of secrets.

The house was built for the Shindler's brother who killed his wife in the front circular driveway. The house then went to Jane Russel who then sold it to Nathan Markowitz - who was murdered in his office in Century City - still unsolved - I bought the house - it creeped me out as there was still the missing 6 million Nathan took from xxxxxx oy vey.

The house can be seen from time to time on Unsolved Mysteries and I believe it is for sale and again that's why I won't give the exact address.

Here's the best part of the story: when Shindler got out of jail, his girlfriend stabbed him and that was that.

I was a real estate broker at the time and Nathan called and said "PLEASE, PLEASE, I gotta sell the house and I'm getting out of town" - I knew something was up - OK, so I bought the house with a short escrow - he was shot at day the escrow closed - thank God because I was working for Fred Sand's Beverly Hills office and Fred would have had a heart attack if the sale was pulled over the murder. I found out about the history of the house when I pulled the chain of title and the neighbors started telling me what when on in that house.

My two great danes refused to set foot in the house - it had a very creepy feeling about it - doors open and slammed by themselves and I decided to lease the house and stay in my house in the hills. 3 different tenants said COLD spots in the house were so bad they didn't want to stay. This was just too creepy so I decided to sell the house; it sold in one day and I was glad to be rid of it.

Lifted from Angelique Anthony on Facebook.