Richard J. Sexton
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Gary Hurst: "You can't be taken seriously until you get a keyboard that works. even then, it's unlikely, but it's your only chance"

RJS: The urge to fit in maintains the status quo; per Shaw, therefore all progress depends on the rest, Gary.

Gary Hurst: I consider you insane. Not sure if I've mentioned this.


Things I waste my time on

In my copious free time I dabble in these things. Fish, plants, cars, gardening, cooking, wristwatches, Unix/C (since 76!), photography and more.


About me

But enough about you, let's talk about me. Born in Wales, grew up in Canada, moved to Los Angeles, California for 10 years, moved back to Canada. I like it here. The book of face says I live in Palo Alto because in 2008 it insisted on a cell phone number so I gave it Zuckerberg's. Almost immediately my location changed to Palo Alto from Toronto (where I live) and two years later the phone number disappeared. I hope all those people (like the East Palo Alto roofing company) that paid to advertise locally got a refund. My servers are located a few blocks from Marc's house, but this is an artifact of historical coincidence.


Why I gotta zillion of them

I have an opinion of lots of different things. Mostly complaints about software and hardware and the 21st century Internet.