Wolfgang Puck's Thai Pizza
Wolfgang Puck's Thai Pizza

Wolfgang Puck had a recipe for Thai pizza in the Ma Maison cookbook in the 1980s. I've made it enough times to be able to write it out here, although I do not know the quantities. If you're used to making pizza you'll figure it out. If you're not, too little is better than too much.

You'll need: peel the shrimp, soak in olive oil and red chilis in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. Julienne pepper and zucchini and saute until g tender. Roll out the dough, pour the oil from he shrimp on, spread around, add half he cheese. Spread out the peppers and zucchini then the otthe shrimp then the rest of the cheese. Bake at 450 for 12 minutes, or until done. Take it out, add shredded mint leaves and the juice from a key lime or half a persian lime. Serve.

Note: I found this snippet about the book:

The book is a real gem alright. There's a mistake in every single recipe most often of the type where an ingredient is not specified then called out in the method or the method does not use an ingredient called out. The recipes are difficult and time consuming and worth every second. They're very special.

I just checked and the above reference is the only evidence it ever existed. Frankly I've never seen a book from the recent past that Amazon and ABE Books do not have. Nobody seems to have this one though.