NTIA JPA with ICANN hearings

NTIA JPA with ICANN hearings

This document, testimony of Fiona Alexander before the congressional committee regarding the JPA between NTIA and ICANN can be regarded as a fundamental statement of principles NTIA has in regards to its contractor ICANN. One paragraph sums up the policy towards new top level domains:

"The Department, in coordination with an interagency group, has in fact filed public comments in this consultation asking if the threshold question, of whether the potential consumer benefits outweigh the potential costs as a result of this exercise, has been adequately addressed and determined ,and recommending further study of the issues as called for by the ICANN Board. The Department also identified a series of initial items that need to be resolved prior to moving forward. These include issues related to: maintaining the security and stability of the DNS; expanding the marketplace before effective and meaningful tools are in place to protect consumers and brand owners; clarifying the fee structure and the disposition of excess revenues given ICANNís status as a non-profit entity; and developing mechanisms to address dispute resolution recognizing the appropriate role of governments with respect to public policy issues"

Let's deconstruct this into it's constituent themes:

ICANN works? yes? no?

Either do what it says or scrap it as useless. Your choice.

STALL 10 years. No more excuses.

What word can you make from the letters: IANA, ISOC, DOC, IFWP, MOU, IAHC, and ICANN: the word "stall".

NEWTLDS impact on trademark problems

Should there be a study on the impact of new tlds on trademark dispute cases? Why, we already know the answer.

POLICY declaration

Musings on appropriate standards making by state actors.