Animals Bob 'Godaddy' Parsons has slaughtered

Animals Bob "Godaddy" Parsons has slaughtered

After a few years PETA finally notices and cancels their domain with them (and urges others to).

"The colossal mammal is being ruthlessly slaughtered to extinction by ivory poachers with the population – currently 600,000 – diminishing by 38,000 a year. These figures, calculated using the annual number of illegal tusk seizures, significantly exceed elephant birth rates meaning the species could face extinction entirely within 15 years, says Samuel Wasser of the Scientific American Journal... Chad’s Zakouma National Park had 3,885 elephants in 2005 but by 2009 the figure had plummeted to just 617. At least 11 rangers were killed by poachers there over the same period."

Bob Parsons kills an elephant

Oh no you didn't...

Was there some other way to "protects farmers fields" without killing severely endangered animals? Photographic evidence suggests there was.

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Bob Parsons kills a zebra

No unicorns?

Unable to find any unicorns Bob settled for a stripey horse. And who doesn't love shooting horses?


Bob Parsons killed a gnu. A gnu! (facepalm)

A gnu?!?

Other elephant killing assholes to boycott: