1700 - 1799

This is not the guy who explained how to innoculate, this is the only man that would listen.

Cotton Mather, the fundamentalist Puritan minister heard of an old African procedure as a preventative for smallpox from one of his slaves

The curious thing is, slave traders knew to recognize the smallpox inoculation scar and would select for it because of the innate immunity to smallpox had an economic incentive.

William Byrd reported two mild smallpox outbreaks in 1711

Another smallpox outbreak in 1715 was devastating.

African demonstrates an age old smallpox inoculation method to British colonists in New England

Americans vaccinated for smallpox in Turkey in 1717.

Smallpox vaccination comes to America in 1721

Mild smallpox outbreak in Williamsburg.

A True State of the Smallpox" issued during another outbreak in Williamsburg.

George Washington contracted the disease during his only trip away from the American mainland while visiting Barbados in November of 1751

Dr. John Dagleish of Norfolk, Virginia set forth in the April 14 issue of the Virginia Gazette an essay on smallpox, explaining the different types and their characteristics

Smallpox kept George Washington busy

Smallpox preserved Canada for the British Empire

Smallpox saved the British Empire

" In 1779, an outbreak of smallpox among sailors of a powerful French and Spanish armada in the English Channel saved England from perhaps the most serious danger of invasion it has ever faced, at a time when most of the British Navy was engaged on the opposite side of the Atlantic, in North America. "


Sydney's Aboriginal smallpox outbreak of 1789

In April 1789, a sudden, unusual, epidemic of smallpox was reported amongst the Port Jackson Aboriginal tribes who were actively resisting settlers from the First Fleet. This outbreak may have killed over 90 per cent of nearby native families and maybe three quarters or half of those between the Hawkesbury River and Port Hacking. It also killed an unknown number at Jervis Bay and west of the Blue Mountains