911 without the tinfoil.


US investment in causing disease worldwide

One wonders if they've spent more money on causing disease than curing disease. By way of the special relationship, the UK appears to be equally complicit.

After WWII the British took the G series gases from Nazi research and improved them into the Vx series gases. Note that Hitler was too afraid to to ever use the stuff he had made, which was based on a decades old insecticide. These orthophosphates are still in use today as insecticides by the way.

The UK then traded Vx series gases to the US for nuclear technology. Britain remains the world leader in this technology. Note that the UK and UK used biological weapons on each other in 1776 and they were also used in the civil war. Back then smallpox and anthrax were the weapons of choice, the British fascination with Anthrax led to its development in a weopanized form in WWII. It is still is development as of this writing, a government lab in the US sent out "inert" samples of the bug to over a hundred other labs but claim to have mistakenly sent live anthrax instead.

On a personal note, I lived are one point down the street from Farley Mowat's home. Next door is an armory that in 1953 let anthrax infected misquotes escape.