Shots were fired. Again.


Bernie is evolutionary not revolutionary. The real surprise is Clinton, who true to her Obama era performance is mean and duplicitous. The rigging of democratic primaries makes the GOP theft of the 2004 election seem minor by the sheer number of orchestrated events, many of which were later turned over in court.

It's fascinating watch both political parties crash and burn, Hilary and Trump being nearly the exact same thing, interchangeable in many ways while the level of truth coming out of their mouths remains seemingly, a opinion.

I'm confusing; I'm shocked the democratic party can behave this way. No, not shocked, appalled.


The number of retractions coming from CNN since the new administration began is becoming rather comical.

Allison Krause

4 dead in Ohio.


The US 2014 mid tern elections.

911 without the tinfoil.