The FBI Considered 'It's a Wonderful Life' to Be Communist Propaganda

It’s a Wonderful Life is a staple of the holiday season in the United States, but it was once considered un-American by the government.

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Dead high as a kite.

Summary: Uk accuses Russians of using a Russian nerve gas on a Russian double agent in Britain. Protocol dictates samples be goven of the suspected poison to the UN for testing which was not forthcoming. Weeks later, sampled delivered to Geneva turns out to be a hallucinogen used by the CIA during "Men who stare at goats" era. The Swiss company that identified it knows this because they're the ons that made it for the CIA.


It's the Russians, stupid. (url)

A 1930s New York Times article explains the Russians are agitating Africans and Americans of African origin at a time when the colonial powers inclusing the US were doing some of the worst things imaginable in Africa. But, the Russians...


"Invasion"? Really?

Apparently there's some question in some peoples minds whether Crime asked to rejoin Russia after Kiev was sacked and Chevron obtained fracking rights to all of Ukraine or did Russia Annex Crimea without single shot being fired.

Apparently walked in and and were told they're part of Russia now and nobody there ever complained. Pre-Internet this might have actually been possible.




Demonizing Russia for fun and profit

Some people believe Hillary Clinton lost the 2014 US Presidential election because during the democratic primary she improperly diverted resources away from Bernie Sanders in violation of Article 4 Section 5 of the DNC bylaws, because of his position to devolve corporatism within the Democratic party and subsequently America while others believe she lost the Election because a Russia somehow manipulated the vote.

Proof of the former is not lacking, but nearly a year after the allegations of Russian tampering the evidence that's been asserted to exist proving this is still noticeably absent.

The Democratic National Committee began asserting "Russian hackers broke into the DNC email server and stole Clinton email" by my watch, eleven minutes after Clinton's email appeared on Wikileaks. After months of daily "Russians hacked the DNC" article in the media by the hundreds, a congressional committee was convened to investigate this. This committee wrapped up a week and a day ago and the conclusion is reached was there's "no conclusion".

They made it up, plain and simple.

Russia confirms US drone was shot down over Iranian airspace

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Russia has military intelligence that shows that a U.S. drone was in Iranian air space when it was shot down by Iran last week, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a briefing for journalists in Jerusalem, Patrushev said evidence presented by the United States alleging Iran was behind attacks on ships in the Gulf of Oman was poor quality and unprofessional.

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2019 Iran: Russia confirms US drone was shot down over Iranian airspace