In 2018 an American television network interviewed Putin and, as they say, "the best parts fell on the cutting room floor" and a video circulated on the network of the parts that were cut out. Putin made three points in the clip.


US:"We interfere in other elections to spread democracy"

The US brags about interfering in the affairs of other countries like France Russia and claims it's alright because they're spreading democracy. In countries that can already vote?


Russia does no such thing.

Putin states that nobody at the level of the Russian government or the level of the Russian presidency had anything to do with this.


Get your own affairs in order, US.

The US interfering with military force, overthrowing governments right on the Russian border for gas is not "spreading democracy".


"If the Russians were supposed to cause chaos, it worked"

But the chaos comes from within America: "Get your affairs in order".