We are Doomed to See Only the Tip of the Iceberg.

So, the stupid Guardian -- which by virtue of being secondary to NYT -- is not that bright, has decided to run an article which contains a usual attack on Trump. Fine, except what do they accuse him for this time? For "cutting aid for pro-democracy groups in Belarus and Hong Kong."

What kind of groups? Why US is helping them? The plot thickens, of course. Turns out there is "a small non-profit organisation that develops technologies for evading cyber-surveillance, called OTF.

This description of a small cyber firm, relatively innocent, especially when you find out that OTF stands for Open Technology Fund, but then you read further. For starters it is not that small, and their aid was to the tune of 20 mil. And what exactly do they do? They provide super advanced technologies for all those protestors who are trying to undermined the legitimate governments. In other words, they are helping all sort of trouble-makers, protesters and anti-government terrorists who need to avoid the police. Can you imagine if Russia had been doing the same in US?

In short, this OTF is openly meddling, interfering and doing all sorts of unsavory things. And who runs them? A person named Karen (oh those Karens) Konbluh, who was an Ambassador, who is the Senior Fellow at Council of Foreign Relations, who served under both Clinton and Obama, including her service as the deputy chief of staff at the U.S. Treasury Department.

This OTF is not small potatoes. This is one of those innocuous sounding outfits, like the Institute for Stagecraft or Crowdstrike or any other that has "government secret agency" written all over them.

And we can be rest assured that there are dozens, if not hundreds from where these dudes are coming from. They always come up with silly names like Consortium of Independent Journalism, or Center for Promoting Freedom and Democracy, and they milk the system to the hilt. First they get money from the government, and sometimes to hide it, there is always some "foundation." Nowadays we have Soros, but long before - when CIA was just trying their wings, they had other gullible or not so gullible souls ready to help. In the fifties during the Cold War, there was Soros prototype, Julius Fleishmann of Fleishmann Yeast fortune, who channel endless amount of money into all sorts of CIA culture and propaganda projects.

We remember how much money the US wasted trying to tie "Russia interference" to some stupid St. Petersburg organization, "Internet Research Agency." I have my doubts that this Agency has the budget of 20 mil per year. At least, Mueller report says that they spent 35 mil for all their overseas operations in three years between 2016-2018. In other words, even by US hostile calculations, they made such a big deal over the giant Russian threat, whose budget appears to be 12 mil per year. And here we have "small internet company" ran by former US officials, openly helping insurgence to avoid the police, and we are expected to view it as totally benign, while evil Russians deserve endless amount of impeachments, sanctions, sanctimonious lecturing and all sorts of threats and denunciations.

In any case, thank you Guardian, for opening the curtain on another Open Foundation for Developing Openness and Democracy that destroys the countries all over the world at the US taxpayer expense. The link to the article is in the comments. - Vladimir Golstein

Vladimir Golstein is from Moscow, Studied Philosophy at Columbia University, and Russian literature at Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and is a former Associate Professor at Yale University.

Same as they did in Syria of course. This is just one example of many. The files show that up to $6.3 million US was funnelled to the Movement for Justice and Development, a London-based dissident organization that operates the Barada TV satellite channel, which broadcasts anti-government news into Syria. Another $6 million went to support a variety of initiatives, including training for journalists and activists, between 2006 and 2010 - Janice Kortkamp

Oliver Stone documented Biden arranging ten billion for Ukraine. Ukraine On Fire

Speaking of "Internet Research Agency" (IRA), Wikipedia says this about it:

"is a Russian company engaged in online influence operations on behalf of Russian business and political interests. It is linked to Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin and based in Saint Petersburg, Russia."

Now, the US there is the same thing, but it's state sponsored: - "1st Battalion is leading the development of a social media analysis and engagement capability for the Army and Joint Force requirements." -

I wonder how Russian IRA really are. The DNC trolls are in very tight with Ukranian intelligence....

Jul 16 2017

DNC tried to use Ukrainian sources against Trump, but backfires:

Democratic elected official says live on TV that it was very wrong that the DNC colluded with the Ukrainian intelligence service but that this can not compare in scale to the unproven Russian influence. WTF? 5:03

What makes this more suspicious is a line from Wikipedia: "In July 2020, President Trump revealed that he approved a cyberattack against the organization (IRA) in 2018 that disrupted or shut down its operations.[6]"

This suggests the US can turn of an website is doesn't like. However it's been able to do that in a decade of trying with Pirate Bay.

In fact the only way the US can turn off a website is to stop paying for it, which no doubt accounts for waiting two years before admitting they did it.

This is like saying "oh, by the way we executed Osama bin Laden two years ago".

This is "spin" at its finest.