The US 2014 mid term elections.

The US 2014 mid tern elections.

It is not a good day. But it went the way wee needed it to not the way we wanted it to: take heart, there's a new up and coming theory in social dynamics that says crowds behave like photons. When you stimulate them they become chaotic but eventually they coalesce and lase. That's how a laser works. Point is you don't get that coherence without chaos it turns out and this is well supported by history.

So, the next two years are going to be an unholy mess but necessary and it should be a snap to elect Elizabeth Warren and whoever we can find qualified to run alongside her. She's the only one on the American political scene in the same league as Obama. Bernis would make a good vp but there's better things he could do in that administration.

This election was only important if the democrats made gains, because congress would start working again.

A republican win means congress will now continue to not do the things it wasn't done before and it's approval rating will almost certainly fall to 4% down from 5%.

Keep in mind the number of people with a favorable opinion of cockroaches is 7%.

Democrats have a lot more to be proud of than the do-nothing mean spirited party of things formerly known as the GOP; history will nor look kindly on them. Who do you think writes the books?

When Obama was elected with a 46% share The Economist had also invited its readers to vote from all over the world and they voted for Obama with 98% of the vote. It does't matter how the GOP party faithful see Obama, the GOP doesn't actually do anything except steal and fight and the world knows this. The positive achievements america has made have all been because of the democrats and in spite of the GOP and the world sees things are different than the bulk of american media does.

And fuckit, if it all goes south I hear Scotland is nice.