Internet domain essays
Internet domain essays

Two Decades Later

Now that it's old enough to drink in many states, a gentle reflection of the highlights of the ICANN-era dark ages and where we are now.

2011. Congress says "slow down". Never mind that haven't actually done anything yet.

A long time ago in a place far, far away...


The USG/DoC/NTIA was supposed to "devolve the NSI monopoly". Hows that working out in practice?


Keeping tabs on those odd i* groups: IANA, ISOC, ICANN, IETF

Moving in the shadows

An interesting bunch, lobbyists.

Telepathy, midgets and a sausage.

Towards Secure DNS

That's right I did some work for NSI.

I wrote the diagnostics for the shared registry system you guys use every time you buy a domain. I'd written these kinds of diagnostics for 20 years so it was sort of a natural.

They also sent me two three plane tickets: 3 for the remaining two IFWP meetings after our group didn't show up at the first conference partially due to lack of funding - the other reason was out belief this should be done on the net, the event was being cybercast by the then young Berkman Center for Law and Technology at Harvard University. They also bought me a plane ticket to the Berlin first ICANN meeting as they had asked me to be one of their representatives on the names council. The ICANN board instead retroactively changed the bylaws is secret and disqualified me. For this involvement I was referred to as "NSI's shill", which is of course patently false.

I only ever spoke my own opinions and in fact differed with NSI in several major areas of domain policy. But, we were both of the realization that an ICANN run by a non-elected board was a dictatorship that would make things very difficult for the people already suffering an abuse of due-internet-process because of the trademark community.

A truce in the cybersquatting war?

List of top level domains.

DNS Antogora - ten years after

Written in response to

Comments on Wall St. Journal articles.

A fashion statement.