Observations on:

Why people have two hands and not one, three or four.

What is really means.


My daughter told me this.


I mean REALLY dumb stuff.

The day Fidel Castro resigned.


Always an event!


Why I never believe the Globe and Mail any more.

The family Huxley.


Sheer idiocy.


Smut from ancient Mesopotamia.

The US shot down a disabled satellite with a missile in Feb 2008.

The decline and fall of service.

Things I see I think are significant.


A review of Sweeney Todd movie reviews, plus audio and video clips from the various versions: 1979 Broadway, the 1936 film and the 1982 US National Touring company. I'm still looking for the San Fransisco Symphony version from 85 or so - it was on youtube but got taken down.

How to beat a speeding ticket.

The day the Welsh took over Wales.