I have two teenage daughters that lived, at various times, near tweed and in belleville during this time. It was a frightening time and place. But I'm having a real hard time trying to extract an coherant line of reasoning out of the quoted article. It seems more to me like exagerated inflammatory ramblings in defense of fetishism to bolster support for a dwindling newspaper. What exactly is the point the author is trying to make? Is it "fesitishm isn't predatory behaviour"? Yeah ok, but at some point adrent fetishism can grade into minor predatory behaviour so that's not true and so what? Is it that the Police didn't do enough? Maybe not but they did catch him and in a much shorted timespan that it took to catch Bernardo. Recall the zodiac killer was never found. A central point to one of the referenced articles was the police didn't followup, followed up by a correction that they actually did follow up. Between the use of caps and bizarre emphasis on fetishism, combined with the assertion "I wil not display the pictures (of Williams in knickers)" but provided a link to the same pictures - that I never knew existed and can not now un-see" the article in my mind removes the seriousness of the case into a circus atmosphere as it approximates the ramblings of an apparant mental patient in order to turn Torstar into The Sun to "sell ink". Monty Python is funny. The Daily show is a comedic style of news reporting. Jonothon Winters was a mental patient that successfully did comedy. But this series of articles is nothing more than a bizarre embarassment that makes light of the worst Canadian serial killer in our lifetime. Please just stop writing and get a job in a show store or something where such theatrics can be utilized appropriately.