The Beatles

Ladies and gentlemen... The Beatles

Everyone likes The Beatles, and there's a reason for that.

One of the cool things about the net is its ability to create new information from old information. For example the picture above is one you haven't seen before... unless you've examined the movie "Help!" frame by frame. So, it's a bit like discovering a new photograph of The Beatles, one that nobody's ever seen before

Here's some photos that as of the time of writing, late August 2010, nobody has seen before, they were taken by a young boy, then tucked away in an attic and only unearthed a few days ago:

The Beatles very first performance

1962, the Cavern Club in London - the first time Ringo ever played with them in public. The very first performance of The Beatles as we know them.

Their musical peak?

It's hard to say which album was the high point of The Beatles musical achievment, in my opinion it rest in the timeframe of Sgt. Pepper, their last album, Abby Road and Let It Be.

John after The Beatles

Like Kirk and Spock, John and Paul couldn't stand each other. John's career continued to be brilliant after he left The Beatles, Paul, perhaps arguably, was just another guy with a guitar.

This song is a redux of the resentment John felt towards what The Beatles had become, and the inplicit brunt of this was Paul. The mood comes through pretty well in this song.

Then, there's the the issue of new material that comes up that nobody has seen before. Here's a video that popped up recently that nobody's seen, and while it wasn't exactly yesterday whenJohn was shot, this is later than that. The idea of post-John Beatles singing together, even something silly with a ukulele is still staggering.

Halfway through The Beatles musical career the focus shifted from silly little love songs to a more cerbral theme; three albums that came out at this time, Revolver (1966), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967), The Beatles (aka the White Album) (1968) were not like The Beatles earlier pop recordings, they'd gone psychadelic.

John killed, 1980