Pollution, not regulated by ineffective political climate accords kills 7 million every year. As long we we waste time on climate this number continues to rise.

Pollution particles 'get into brain'

Tiny particles of pollution have been discovered inside samples of brain tissue, according to new research.

The only place you'll find Elkhorn coral any more is in Cuba

All organic farming. No dead coral.

Cuba has no agricultural runoff or any man made compounds for farm use.

They have the only living coral left in the Caribbean.

20% rise in the rate of dead activists

This isn't because deforestation and pollution are becoming less of a problem, quite the opposite.

Man's impact on the planet

No, global warming did't cause any of these tings: it's all pollution and habitat loss.

Air pollution linked to seven million deaths globally

Seven million people died as a result of air pollution in 2012, the World Health Organization estimates.

Its findings suggest a link between air pollution and heart disease, respiratory problems and cancer.

One in eight global deaths were linked with air pollution, making it "the world's largest single environmental health risk", the WHO said.

Air pollution: Half a million early deaths in Europe despite progress

"The EEA said a wider assessment included in the report had found that early deaths each year due to PM2.5 had been cut "by about half a million" since 1990."

half a million since 1900. Seven million die of this a year according to the BBC, so since 1990 is 28 years and at 7 million a year that's 196 million people. And they've shaved 500 thou off that? Is this a joke?

Notice that they're talking about a half a million poeple that didn't die since 1990 ignoring the 196 million that did?

Ongong Harvard study

"Seafood is a main source of human exposure to environmental pollutants, such as methyl mercury and lipophilic contaminants, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). In addition perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) biomagnify in ocean food chains, with the highest concentrations in marine mammals at high trophic levels. The investigators recently discovered that PFCs may adversely impact on human immune system development. Thus, in Faroese children, elevated PFC exposures were associated with reduced humoral immune response to routine childhood immunizations. The investigators now propose to extend this observation by utilizing existing and unique birth cohorts of Faroese and Greenlanders with high levels of seafood intake and traditional consumption of marine mammals high in ocean food chains"

Now imagine you're coral. Imagine how much more your immune system is suppressed bathing in these pollutants 24x7. With suppressed immune systems coral falls victim to pathogens it would normally be able to defend against.

Herbarium specimens are archives for heavy metal cntamination

HErbarium specimens show varying degrees of heavy metals depending on location and age. A reduction in lead can be shown while copper and zinc remain constant.

Coal trucks at cardiff docks in 1927


Farm runoff

We'd like to think large industrial giants contribute most to water pollution but it's not true, farms are by far the major source of water pollution. Just in the US alone farm runoff all eventually ends up in the Mississippi nd then drains into the Caribbean Sea. The net result of this now is all the Atlantic Elkhorn coral is now dead, the coral necropsies all show the immune system of the coral is taken out by antifungals and they fall prey to simple infections and die.

The Great Barrier Reef

The reef is not dead and has not been impacted by climate - pollution is solely responsible for the decline (not death as reported in the lay-press) of the reef.

brain: Pollution particles 'get into brain'

cuba: All organic farming. No dead coral.

dead activists: 20% rise in the rate of dead activists

mans impact: Man's impact on the planet

mil: Air pollution linked to seven million deaths globally

mils: Air pollution: Half a million early deaths in Europe despite progress

oceans: Ongong Harvard study

plants: Herbarium specimens are archives for heavy metal cntamination


dead zone: Farm runoff

gbr: The Great Barrier Reef

us lead:


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