Micro Sized Network Laptops

Micro Sized Network Laptops

The HyVision nettop was spotted today at some trade show. It's slick, but...

I took a good long look at everything they make on their website and was pretty excited until the realization of the mips processor hit home. You see, I used to have an Amiga...

Can a computer REALLY be called "on the internet" if it can't look at youtube videos? You and I may know and understand and if it's exchanging packets it's on the net, but grandma or the kids run firefox and try to watch something on youtube and it doesn't and won't work then their reaction is gonna be "uh, do you have a computer that works with the internet?". No flash is, sad to say, a non-starter.

But damn they're close. Real close. They've done some great work with these machines.

What they need now is an OLED display at 1280 pixels across and a touch screen. Oh and a cam. And I hate to say it because I've been rabidly raging against these things for literally decades now, but, yeah, an x86 cpu.

Here's a video of its first appearance at a trade show: