Twitter considered harmful

Twitter considered harmful

It never bothers me when useless shite like myspace pops up and becomes popular. I go there, log in, set up a page I'll never look at again and I'm covered. Great. I've succumbed to the meme of the year.

I don't feel like myspace had wrecked anything.

Similarly so Facebook. I can play scrabble there and have found a bunch of old friends again. Cool.

But twitter! Jesus these people are annoying. Dena's on twitter but she doesn't go on about it. Other poeple I know do. They will not shut the fuck up about it. Morso every day I see a new dozen domains derivative of twitter., you name it.

Today I saw these:

Check out this archived story and this FAQ file from NASA for more about our orbital junkyard and the problems it's causing.

This item was last updated at 2:11 p.m. ET. My initial report had the time for closest approach slightly wrong - which is an occupational hazard when a person has clumsy fingers and is trying to juggle a Twitter feed as well.

Translation: I screwed up at my job because I'm messing around with twitter and its more important I know when my friends take a shit than to get the facts and figures in the science article I'm paid to write. Super D duper.

This guy (named Dave Winer, ironically) whines that he wasn't put on the "suggested poeple to follow" list. And some hard working poeple like him who gave their life and soul to twitter have been dealt a shitty hand and the people that did get put on the "suggested followers" list went from 4K followers to 20K followers overnight and didn't have to work hard like he did.

Excuse me?

I'm supposed to give a shit?

This reeks of Usenet and some filthy toad in bitching that rec.pets has higher readership. No I take it back, that almost makes sense by comparison.

Twitter is ruining the net. And it was perpetual September already.

But I don't think twitter will last. There's just nothing there. Facebook has already launched a counterattack by making Facebook look and act like twitter. I'm not sure I ever noticed the change. Point is though FB can do this, can twitter be Facebook? Uh, no.

Let me be the first to sayt it: twitter is the AOL of the web 2.0 world. Yeah everybody gas it, but in 5 years the last remaining twitter user will go "fuckit" and not bother logging in again.