How to Relieve Colds and Sinus infestations

How to Relieve Colds and Sinus infestations

NOTE: this also works wonders on colds and related viral infections. "Head colds" are often sinus infections from mould though.

Sinus infections seem to happen in mid summer then get worse till mid fall and are most likely caused by a mould. It's almost certainly true that the more sugar you eat the more prone you will be to get these. Expensive antibiotics will get rid of them, cheaper and more common ones will but only maybe and the side effects of taking antibiotics are in something simple as this, just not worth it.

But, you can get rid of a sinus infection yourself pretty quickly and easily with stuff you can buy in a grocery store.

You'll need some oil of oregano (ok, it'd be a pretty fanch shmancy grocery store that has this, but they do exist. Otherwise get it in a pharmacy); you'll also need ginger, lemon and honey.

First the oregano oil. Put 3 drops in a glass of water and knock it back. Drink as much water as you need to wash the taste down. It's quite strong. If you can tolerate it you can just stick 3 drops on your tongue and wash it back with some milk or cream; the more "oily" the substance is you're washing it down with the better job it will do if washing the oil of oregano down.

Next, boil some water and put some in a coffee cup. Now put one drop of the oil in there and sniff it up as best you can and as for as long as you can get oil vapours off the surface of the cup. This distributes oil vapours directly throughout your sinus passages and will kill the mould directly.

Eat the drops of oil every day for 3 mos. This will get rid of all mould in your body even aspergillis that you came in contact with a decade ago. Chances are high if you have mould induced sinus infections each summer/fall then you would probably test positive for mould dna in your blood.

Do the drops hot water for as long as you have symptoms, that is for as long as your nose and sinuses hurt. It should be gone in a couple of days if you do this.

You'll notice that the symptoms of a sinus infection are pretty similar to a cold. And like a cole those symptoms are to a very large degree mitigated by ginger honey-lemon tea. Boil slices of ginger, a piece about the size of half your palm, sliced thinly, for 20 minutes. To this strained liquor add the juice of half a lemon and enough honey to take the edge off. Drink. You'll feel better in about 10-15 minutes and it lasts hours. But you can drink as many of these a day as you want.