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For a decade in the early 20th century pellagra killed 10K people a year until enough B3 was put back into flour replace what idustrial processing takes out. After the invention ofbiochsistry we leanred the levels we add are worng by a factor of 10 and this is alost cetrtainly resobisble for the current mental health crisis. The dymst fo Pellagra we (i)famousL the "three D's: demratitis, dmentia and death".

The disease was a niacin deficiency, a ciricl nuirnt and oneof the three moleucles thenoy has to eat and can notmake that is responsoble fot he prodictoin of all energy in the human body. When there is not eniuh th ebrain and ody both stop working porprly and fafige and mental ocnfusion occurs.