Farewell to Fidel

Farewell to Fidel

"History will go down and recognize that Fidel, Che, and the Cuban Revolution was a success and a model for socialism. And a model for humanity." - Anonymous

This quote nails it on the head and if you look at the lobbying industry by business sector you'll see the companies that spend the most are the ones with the most to lose under communism - which is in general good for people and bad for big business who have spent a lot of money over the decades convincing you you'll be "enslaved" by communism.

With your house about to be forclosed on, no medical and dental coevrage, just how enslaved do you feel compared to the poor Cuban that can never have these thigns happen to him or her?

I've always been a bit nervous about reading history from a book and any western history of Russia and communism has its own inherant bias. But sometimes you get to hear things "from the source" and not the heresay of second and thingd hand information. Stalins adopted son died about 3 weeks ago. He remembers this conversation with Stalin:

"Once, he asked Vassily and myself who we wanted to be when we grew up. Vassily said. 'we shall become officers and go to the capitalist countries to help the proletariat to break free from the bourgeoise.'. Stalin replied to this 'And you sure you will be welcome? First mate it attractive here in the USSR so that all the world appreciates how we live. Then, probably you will be asked for help. But you surely have to fight for our motherland. We have many enemies'

It seems so ironic to me that America is a stage set for a communist revolution - an empire that far costlier to maintain than anything like it in human history - it's already cost more than vietnam - a ruiined economy, domestic conditions are far worse off than 8 years ago, a cabalistic ruling elite that just laugh at this while they line their own pockets and drink.

Yet the indoctination of the US populous that any system of government that doesn't rely on big business is so complete Americans now find themselves in the akward position of having to defend the oil company, the military, the medical industry the very forces that ravage his paycheck and leave his or her own "domestic spending" altered dramatcially.

If America was the great experiment to show capitalism was the truth the light and the way compared to, say, communism then I think even my kids know the answer here: "fail !".

That is to say it's not the politcal ideology that makes a government work. It's said a benevolant despotism is the ideal form of government, but of course that benevolance comes at a price of honesty and altruism inconsistant with what it actually takes to be elected. Honesty and openness is required in any form of government; corruption kills and ruins the next few decades, sometimes recovery is not even possible and this can happen to a communist, capitalist or monarchic government.

My feeling is the scrutiny of the world is going to be on the next US administration and the republicans having already tripped over their dicks ala Gary Hart (at least it was a girl this time although one wonders if this was a setup to prove he could still get it up - at a sexual liason with a young girl at that age isn't a scandal, it's bragging rights). Obama's claims of getting rid of corruption which seems to epitomize a new voice on politics made more sharply announced by Larry Lessig would seem to be the order of the day - and the best of luck to both of them!

It's giong to be an uphill batle, as they, like communists, are the enemey of those with dollars to spend on that brainwashing we see on TV. Except the bourgeoise is the corporation now, something that didn't exist in the time of the Russian revolution, but replaces the Russian monarchy perfectly.

RJS - 23-Feb-08