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How to beat a speeding ticket

How to beat a speeding ticket

A friend of mine wrote this:

First, check out all the relavent laws that they are using against you and make sure they did it right. Most cops have a certain amount of time they need to get their data into the system and often they don't which is enough to get it dismissed.

My favorite tool is the use of discovery. You make a request to the prosecuting attorneys office to provide you with information. Inflate the hell out of that information by asking for the last 2 years of reports on checks of the radar equipment, all tests done on that equipment, if it meets the standards of the state your dealing with (they usually have to have some independant company verify), request copies of the officers log book for the last 48 hours prior to receiving your ticket, and even the cops records in his performance as an LEO. 99% of the time they won't provide you with all that which you simply walk into court and ask the judge to dismiss the case based on the fact that you were not provided with all the material you asked for in discovery and they will toss it out. I mean, what 3rd year law student is going to want to mess with photocopying the last 2 years of information on a radar gun? You can basically count on the laziness of these folks to win your case for you.

Feb 08

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