Brian Sparkes' Notes on Reversing Cancer

Brian Sparkes' Notes on reversing cancer

Brian Sparkes. Photo taken at the Orthomolecular
Medicine Today Conference in Montreal, May 2009

"I first met Brian at the Orthomolecular Medicine Today conference that was held in Vancouver in 2006. Harry Foster and Abram Hoffer had arranged for Gerry Potter to speak about his cancer research so a group of us headed over. It was after Gerry’s lecture that Brian came over and introduced himself. He was full of enthusiasm and was madly scratching out drawings of various compounds trying to gain a deeper understanding of the chemistry and biochemistry underlying Gerry’s work.

In an instant I could tell that I was not going to be of much help as Brian’s depth of knowledge in these areas far outdistanced my own. I politely tried to slow him down long enough to point out that he really needed the ear of Gerry Potter rather than mine and set to finding Gerry to put the two together for a chat. From that point onwards I always made a point of introducing our visiting scientists from England to Brian, and none were ever disappointed by the discussions that ensued." - Dr. Brian Shaefer

(Rough notes; to be expanded on).

This is a great example of bad medicine. Linus Pauling ran a study that shows cancer patients were materially helped by 10g of vitamin C a day [1], delivered *intravenously*. The Mayo Clinic, by accident or otherwise, decide to validate the study and gives patients 10G of C a day *orally* and it didn't work. So they concluded it doesn't work.

But the dirty little secret of cancer is that as of 2012 intravenous C has a higher cure rate than chemo and radiation combined. [2]

78. Cameron E, Pauling L. Supplemental ascorbate in the supportive treatment of cancer: Prolongation of survival times in terminal human cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1976;73(10):3685-3689. (see the related articles on this page too)
[2] pers. comms., Brian Sparkes

I met Brian in 2010 and hung out with him in a Starbucks in the Rosedale section of Toronto for almost a year and we kept in touch. He was a long time responding to an email and then I found out he'd passed away, suddenly with "an aggressive lymphoma" - that he never mentioned and had apparently had for a long time.

Thus, below are all the things I'd picked up from him and made notes about. It was hard not to make notes about Brian - he made so many. At the drop of a hat he'd grab a pen and a napkin and. as Shaefer says above, would start furiously drawing molecules - carboxy this, methyl acceptor that and while he had a particular focus on cancer he knew of all the great progress made recenetly in AIDS, Schizophrenia, depression, MS, and Alzheimer's and other chronic somatic and mental illness. He tol me he felt all non-infectious chronic disease was a nutritional deficiency.

Cancers form all the time, it's not true we get just one and it grows like crazy then we die. Cancers can be caused by any number of things and our bodies normally just get rid of them. But, when the diet is so bad our bodies lack the essential raw materials required in the biochemical reactions that kill cancerous cells.

The angiogenesis guys also recognize cancers form all the time (see, but they're wrong about the whole idea of angiogenic agents. The key is to use naturally occurring chemicals the body uses to target tumor cells specifically.

The discovery came a couple of years ago when a biochemist in England was working on the newest anti cancer drug noticed a remarkable similarity to compounds found in fruit.

Long story shory, he named this group of phytochemicals "salvestrols"; they're used by the plant to combat fungus. But, when we spray anti-fungals on fruit, the fruit doesn't need to make them. Thus by using these chemicals we are putting into the food chain fruit that no longer helps heal cancer. Note that the use of chemical fertilizes, pestidicides and anti fungals began in world war II. The rise in cancer has been pretty dramatic since then. See Note that salvesterols only occur these days in organic fruit. The besty sources are plums, rasperries, canteloupe, tangerines.

Salvesterols work by being converted by the cytochrome P450-1 enzyme into pictotannins which via the CPYB1P1 metabolic pathway kill only cancer cells and leave other cells alone. Conventional chemotherapy kill all cells.

Cancer cells feed on sugars directly. We get our energy from ATP (adenosine tri phospahte) but tumor cells use sugars directly. Thus it's important to avoid all sugar. And recall that starches are just made up out of sugars so it's important to avoid them too. Mankinds diet was just leaves and fish for two million years and the closer you can get to that the better. Some fruit and nuts but you really want to avoid carbs entirely.

It can work as quickly as 6 weeks. But you need to take it forever or it will come back [potter ref]. The reason for this has to be mutations in the dna that cause those cells to be undetected yet they keep producing cells that will themselves produce cancerous cells.

Besides a decent diet, vitamin supplements are important. Halibut liver oil to supply Vit A 50,000 IU and D 2000 IU per day (that is five capsules), Evening Primrose seed Oil 4 g /d, similarly Salmon oil 4 g/d (or preferably Seal Oil, vitamin C up to bowel tolerance levels, a tablet of kelp, a B100 complex, selenium (200 mcg) zinc (50mg), and alpha lipoic acid. B100 complex, magnesium/calcium/zinc.

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