Sweeney Todd on the net

Sweeney Todd on the net

Both the 2001 San Fransisco Symphony version with Patti LuPone and George Hearn as well as the 1982 National Touring Company version with Angela Lansbury and George Hearn have been on youtube in the past. The San Fransisco Symphony version is gone now, but the touring company version keeps getting reposted, probably because it was televised many times. But the story is much older than that and nobody is quite sure if this is based on a real person or nor. There are hints of his existence throughout history. Did he really exist? was the tale too sordid to see the light of day? Or was the tale just one of the first urban legends?

Commercial for the 1979 Broadway production

Legend of Sweeney Todd on Wikipedia

Sweeney Todd - Interview with Stephen Sondheim

1936 Cinematic version (video, ~300 MB)

2008 Looking for Sweeney Todd (audio ~20 MB)

Predule to the ballad of Sweeney Todd, George Hearn

The Ballad of Sweeney Todd

Different versions of individual songs: