Generic "House" plot-line.

Generic "House" plot-line.

House sits around like some autistic kid playing with something while the residents look worried. Case comes in with either seizures, pain or paralysis that nobody can explain or diagnose.

House begins playing practical jokes on the staff and hitting on the women while they all together incorrectly diagnose and treat an condition that backfires causing worse symptoms including a heart attack. They resuscitate and perform needless surgery.

They change diagnosis, while all the time House insists it isn't Lupus and the surgical residents are sent to illegally break into the patients home where they don't find anything.

If this is an odd numbered week, infer sexual perversion, in even numbered weeks, legal problems.

After taking a lot of Vicodin, House goes to the patients home again, find the problem that could have been identified from a casual glance at Wikipedia and them presumably the patient is treated although we never see that.

House then either wallows in self pity with drugs and prostitutes or is hypo-manic and plays practical jokes on the men and hits on the women staff.

Queue closing credits.

Other than the B&E's it's just recycled Dr. Kildare scripts, minus the Lupus. Fortunately anybody old enough to want to watch Dr. Kildare back then is dead now so it all seems new, and the music has been updated.

I still derive some odd pleasure from watching House's sadistic tendencies. this is almost certainly a character flaw on my part.

rjs, sep 2010