Wales '07 Election

Wales '07 Election

Because of Blair kissing Bush's ass on Iraq, the British people spat him out like a rancid kipper and labour lost huge tracts of seats. The Welsh nationalist/separationist party, Plaid Cymru, won half as many as labour has and can with a token number of conservatives there are, have a majority. Never mind they couldn't be more idealogically opposed.

Scuttlebutt is that they'll follow the Scots one year later when jock has a separation referendeum in 2010 pending am expected nationalist majority. Scots election is buggered Florida style at the moment with 100,000 ballats in question. Smells fishy frankly.

The final results over ther will probaly be known within the hour, but right now in Wales it's 26 seats Labor, 12 Plaid Cymru, 5 Conservatives and a few other "misc" fringes.

What seems funny to me is that Bush's effort to liberate Iraq failed, but the richochet or perhaps rebound, liberates Wales instead.

Richard Sexton, May 4, 2007 3:50 pm