Dubai, Feb 11 2010

Dubai, Feb 11 2010

Jim Mercer: was just detained by Dubai police while walking home from the bar. it was only for a few minutes, but they asked if i had been drinking, and i pointed at the bar, 200m away, that i'd just walked out of, and said "yes". they said, please wait, i waited, and then they asked where i was going, and i pointed at my apartment, and they said, "ok, but go directly, do not stop." and i was allowed to leave.

oddly enough, it is likely related to Dubai recently attaining a mass transit system.

prior to the creation of the Dubai Metro, i would have taken a cab from the apartment to the bar, because there were no pedestrian crossings of Sheik Zayed Road.

but with the metro, there is a convenient crossing, which puts the Longs Bar within a 5 minute stroll of the apartment.

problem seems to be the extra security on the metro system, and the young cops they now employ to guard its entrances, which seem to want to press their authority.

sad, but true.

if you hear of anyone wanting to visit dubai, tell them to find another place to go, because dubai sucks, largely. about an hour ago

i'm generally happy with my decision to relocate to Islamabad.

At least there, i'm not arbitrarily detained by the police.