Clinton's demogrpahic
Clinton's demographic is older people.
Predominately women, predominately better off than 80-90% of the rest of the country.

The oldest in society determines how the youngest will spend the next 70 years? Huh?

One of the reasons Clinton did so well is her demographic VOTES - older women in particular. There just happen to be a lot more older people than young right now. By a large margin.

I live in a smallish city in Ontario Canada and this is how it breaks down here:

  • 0 - 9: 5080
  • 10-19: 5835
  • 20-29: 6100
  • 30-39: 5600
  • 40-49: 6795
  • 50-59: 7345
  • 60-69: 5710
  • 70-79: 7000

    Old people VOTE. And hate change

    The majority will always vote for the entity that sends their tensions checks, they don't want anything to interrupt that. While valid to a small extent, it's nothing to build the future on.


    Let’s be honest, Bernie and Hillary don’t represent the same class.

    This wrinkle is the fact that the “99%” actually has multiple classes within it. The main division is between the “upper middle” class and various “lower” classes. At about 10–15% of the population, the upper middle class is made up of doctors, lawyers, university professors, various skilled professionals, and owners of successful local businesses around the country. These people don’t need universal hearth care, they just need their excellent employer provided health care to have its cost increases managed and they need to not be dropped from health care rolls for preexisting conditions. Their kids don’t need tuition free college, they just need manageable interest rates for their financial aid. They get generous amounts of paid vacation, they don’t need it provided on a mandatory basis. The Democratic Party, in all its incrementalism, tweaking the status quo with modest policy adjustments, represents this class.