Dr. Jill Stein for president?
So maybe, Stein for President?

With a 42% independent vote this year for the first time - and this is new in the American experience - a third voting bloc has emerged but it's not around this guy, instead Jill Stein seems to have captivated people and rightly so.

She is the logical successor to Obama. What was Obama's scholarly paper on? Health policy. What is his next endeavor? Health. Perpetual war is a dead end. Let's not play that game any more, mmmkay?

We lose 16 people a year to terrorists yet spend disproportionately half the budget on this and can't seem to avoid it.

We lose 30,000 people a year from flu, all preventable and yet we only spend 14% on this. We love more from other diseases of course, yet we have made zero progress against chronic disease in 70 years and all out antibiotics are about to fail.

Our medical system is the third leading cause of death behind heart and cancer. 9 out of 10 medical papers are commercials that lie about the positives and withhold negative information.

Americans die of things the ancient romans could cure. Once you start adding up the numbers war looks cheap by comparison and the holocaust pales by comparison. The numbers are simply staggering.

So, who do you believe is better able to remedy this, a Harvard trained professor of medicine or the lawyer paid by the companies that created this problem. Oh with her you get that war that consumes half your tax dollars and the neighbors son as well that you don't get with that smart professor lady who isn't about to go to prison for vote rigging.


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"Professor David Eddy of Duke University who pointed out that despite the 30,000 biomedical journals in the world, only 15 percent of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence. This is because only 1 percent of the articles are scientifically sound.2 Would you be satisfied with the above when we are spending approximately 14 percent of the total gross national product (GNP) for health care?" - Robert Nash, MD, 1996.

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Pharmecutical companies write their own "clinical reports", then bribe doctors to put their names on them.

Such "ghostwriting" is not uncommon at all. Lacasse JR, Leo J (2010) Ghostwriting at Elite Academic Medical Centers in the United States. PLoS Med 7(2): e1000230. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000230

Lobbyists from Big pharma are changing the face of our legal system.