Rats leaving a sinking ship

By October 2017 Hillary declared she will not run again. By November of that year party found out how fast it could runaway from away.

A non-denial denial

"Brazile: Hillary Rigged DNC Against Bernie" - Newsweek, Nov 3, 2017

In a brazen and brave attempt to gain legitimacy the DNC cut loose a carefully constructed a non-denial denial of any wrongdoing and spun a take of Obama bankrupting the party, Hilary saving it (*cough* Wall st *cough*) and how some people borrowed money because of this bankruptcy, to pay of debts so the party could field a candidate.

Never mind in one day and because of the Internet Bernie raised more money in less time than anyone in history.

And step back a moment and look at what they're saying: our party was so badly administered we were broke because of the greatest loved president and Nobel peace prise winner but it's ok we went out on the street and did things so men in suits gave her obscene amounts of money and it's important we we because only she can bring this kind of expertise to DC to run the country.

No wonder they picked Trump. He didn't come from bankruptcy, banksters and whoring out only to promise more of it, as was apparently the Democrats plan to hear them tell it.

Who writes this stuff?

Who believes it? I don't. It's scripted to make Hillary look like an angel and nothing is her fault and "any talk of money is just an accident because they paid some bills we still owed money for so it appeared that Bernie got shafted but it was really just an accounting error, which is what we explained at the time. Nothing to see here. Honestly there were no accusations of trying to rig the system until the press brought it up later and you can take my word on that."

We don't need to be told it was rigged. We watched it happen. Other journalists pointed it out. It was pointed out the odds of the results Clinton was getting were astronomical to one without somebody trying to rig the election on June 7, 2016:

"As Alexander Higgins reports, one of the statistical models applied by Stanford University researcher Rodolfo Cortes Barragan to a subset of the data found that the probability of the “huge discrepancies” of which “nearly all are in favor of Hillary Clinton by a huge margin” was “statistically impossible” and that “the probability of this happening was is 1 in 77 billion."

In January of 2016 Nate Silver pointed out Bernie Saunders was the only candidate in either party with a positive rating.

The theft of the 2016 election deprived the America people a chance of a choice. Remeber, only candidate was seen in a positive light. There is a chance he may have been voted in as president end would begin to reverse the damage people like Clinton and her Wall St. friends have been doing for decades now.

This is why they could not that happen at all costs.

What's supposed to happen now? What's the procedure for when a presidential election is stolen because of a corrupt candidate colluding with industry for profit to subvert the most precious part of democracy: to pick a leader. If you can't vote your way out of the problem a vital constitutional right has been quietly abrogated. Recall how draft conferred voting rights and why.