Drugs deemed too undafe to use
Drugs too unsafe to use

CDC withdraws support for flu nasal vaccine

Flu nasal spray failed to prevent death from flu.

Parents of Utah girl killed by influenza speak after CDC advises against using FluMist

Drug for osteoarthritis causes rheumatoid arthritis

Limbrel Capsules by Primus Pharmaceuticals: FDA Advisory - Linked to Potentially Life-Threatening Health Problems Anyone who is currently taking Limbrel may be at risk for developing symptoms associated with drug-induced liver injury and/or hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Posted 11/21/2017

"A common mistake made by those not completely familiar with medical foods (MF) is to confuse them with dietary supplements, because"

... because one is a vitamin and the other is a bark and roots sold by a pharmaceutical company. The major difference between vitamins and the patent medicine industry's version is that vitamins don't get recalled.