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"Klenner's paper (Klenner FR. The treatment of poliomyelitis and other virus diseases with vitamin C. J. South. Med. and Surg., 111:210-214, 1949.) on curing 60 cases of polio in the epidemic of 1948 should have changed the way infectious diseases were treated but it did not." - Robert Cathcart

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Science knows more than medicine lets on and this is because of economic and not scientific reasons.

Explained in 2007 with Foster's work.

It took us a long time to figure out what HIV even was and what it's relationship to AIDS was and how did it disable the immune system. We know the answers to these questions now.

HIV is a virus that over time decreases the efficiency of the immune system. It does this by taking from the body the element it needs to crack out new viruses like a factory (unlike other virus that invade a cell, replicate and burst) leaving the host deficient in all the things the virus took from it. The key ones here are Glutamine, Tryptophan, Cysteine and Selenium.

Explained in 2007 with Foster's work.

Now we know how to reverse AIDS into HIV and how HIV can be treated then like a flu and the patient recovers fully.

When a patient is completely immunosuppressed we call it AIDS. These people show low blood serum for selenium, cysteine, glutamine and tryptophan. When given these four they recover ans the have a more or less fully functioning immune system now. T cell counts change immediacy.

Explained in 2007 by Burke & Potter's discovery of Salvestrols

There are chemicals in food that we have to eat or else we die, we know these as "vitamins" when taken in small doses. But there's one discovered in 2007 that occurs in much produce but the plant only makes this essential family of chemicals called "Salvestrols" in response to mold. So when we spray, we downregulate the mold and the plant makes up to 90% less of the stuff that out body needs to kill cancer naturally by activating gene P53 to selectively target those CYP1B1 containing cells that are cancerous.

Explained in the 1940s by Cathcart and Klenner - "as seen on TV" - Ref

In August of 2010 a man lying dying in a hospital bed of swine flu in coma. The doctors advised the family to turn off life support he wasn't expected to live.

The family listed on intravenous vitamin C and he got better and is around today. 75 years of research into this was not for noting.

The law has been changed now in that country and intravenous C is now a registered drug there.

If you take a lot of C during a flu, and I mean a lot, then you're chances of dying are far far less.

When people die of flu they die of oxidative stress. You can call it that or the "chi" (Qi) of chines medicine or "the spirit gets weak" and it's all the same thing, your body is experiencing electron loss at a rate greater than it's ability to replace them. If this continues the heart eventually stops. Put the electrons back and it slows or reverses the process dpeening on dosage. It's not rocket science.

Solved by Linus Pauling.

The common cold, rare in people that take vitamins is easy; shortening the duration and intensity of the symptoms is trivial.

06_ebola refs -  In 1995 Se was theorized to kill EBOV

Two Brazil nuts a day stops this. Here's how.

Note: the other diseases here other people figured out. Learing from their methods I figured this one out by myself in the fall of 2014 - RJS)

Observatiions of the selenovirus EBOV family pertaining to the 2104 outbreak in West Africa

Filoviruses, which include HIV and Ebov encode for a human homologue of the lipid peroxidase protectant glutathione peroxidase ("GPx3") which is implicated in at least 18 places in the immune system.

To manufacture this requires the use of a selenium containing catalyst - selenocysteine. Thus the virus which also encodes for a very similar chemical to GPx3 strips the body of selenium. In HIV this takes a decade and explains AIDS. Ebola can do it in a day.

If you supplement with Se the virus and your immune system both have enough, you don't get sick in fact you don't even get the sniffles and the immune system kills it and you never knew you were sick. That is it acts like the Reston strain from the Philippines that is not harmful. Only the African selenium containing versions are highly pathogenic. This has to be what keeps the Baku people in Gabon alive.

We found this out because there's a tribe in Gabon, the Baku, that have a natural immunity to the disease because they live in the coastal forest and eat Gabon nuts, the African equivalent of the Brazil nut and these contain more selenium than any food known.

One Brazil nut a day will prevent Ebola. Two will cure it.

Niacin, B6, C, Zn - Hoffer

The number of brain illnesses not cures by appropriate doses of these are near zero. The deficiency diseases of the brain can be thought of as brain scurvy. Even C scurvy alone accounts for 20% of the admissions to London Hospital for Schizophrenia. (Horrobin 1983)

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