Jonas Salk, the most dangerous man in medicine
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Bill Moyers recently said in an article of October 29 2014:

"Dr. Jonas Salk would have turned 100 today. In this age of Ebola, it's enlightening and inspiring to hear Salk talk about the lessons he learned in developing the polio vaccine."

About that. He was actually more like an super villain of medical science. However as soon as he died progress began again. The very thing he was tying to find at the end of his life - a solution to the mystery of how a harmless HIV infection became AIDS was only published finally by the French when somebody else asked and by sneaking it onto Usenet shortly after his Salk's death about the only place it woulds not be deleted immediate following the closure of Horrobin's journal "Medical Hypotheses" by Elsavior.

Presently, critical data about the current ebovproblem including an hypothetical cure also from 1995 that was verified to work by the Pasteur Institute in 2010 is blocked by artifacts of this filtering from Salk's people in the vaccine industry such that no "medical professional" can see it through conventional channels ("Medline"), only Google Scholar shows all unfiltered medical articles. The accuracy of these is much higher - they do not suffer form the institutional corruption in the pharmaceutical industry then Ben Goldacre mentions or that the Harvard first year medical class walked out over.

Which one of these pictures is the real doctor?.

Circa 1951 picture: Med school dropout inventor of virus antifreeze

Jonas Salk, the most dangerous man in medicine commercialized an 18th century method of squeezing pox infected cow teats into a wound to protect against disease. He attended New York University School of Medicine, later choosing to do medical research instead of becoming a practicing physician and commercialized the modern vaccine.

Variolation or Inoculation was the method first used to immunize an individual against smallpox (Variola) with material taken from a patient or a recently variolated individual in the hope that a mild but protective infection would result. The procedure was most commonly carried out by inserting/rubbing powdered smallpox scabs or fluid from pustules into superficial scratches made in the skin. The method was first used in China and the Middle East before it was introduced into England and North America in the 1720s in the face of some opposition.

Over the years the prcoess was refined and Salk figured out a way to keep this alive for more than a week by adding automotive antifreeze to it. That's his big discovery, he found the right preservative to keep the vaccine active, that is, that stuff was in the juice from the oozing wound, all those virus particles were still doing something, not living enough to youth but alive enough that your immune system had to battle them and learn how to do so which may ay you Little sick for a while.

1951 picture: Two time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling was one of the founders of the fields of biochemistry, quantum chemistry and molecular biology was vilified by the pharmaceutical industry while earing his second Nobel for humanitarian work. He found that one of the chemicals already in our bodies kills the Polio virus if used in a concentration strong enough to be a medicine and not a vitamin.


"Earing the Nobel for the language of quantum physics Richard Feynman also liked to dabble, studying genetic mutations in viruses..."

Richard Feynman was a brilliant, bongo-playing, lock-picking, eminently quotable physicist. His quips, on anything from the pleasure of findings things out to the key to science to how fire works are standard fare for science fans.

For synthetic biologists, it's a quotation he left on his last blackboard at Caltech before his death in 1988 that is most frequently quoted: “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” This statement gives quotable form to the “drive to make” that happens when engineers start doing biology.

Feynman of course wasn't an engineer, he was a theoretical physicist–a field less often associated with creating stuff than with creating equations. But Feynman also liked to dabble in other fields, including a sabbatical year in Max Delbrück’s biology lab at Caltech studying genetic mutations in viruses that infect bacteria. The chapter on this disciplinary dabbling in Feynman’s autobiography, Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman, is a fascinating look at what happens when a physicist starts doing biology

Linus Pauling (February 28, 1901 – August 19, 1994)[4] was an American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, and educator. He was one of the most influential chemists in history and ranks among the most important scientists of the 20th century.[5][6] Pauling was one of the founders of the fields of quantum chemistry and molecular biology.[7]

For his scientific work, Pauling was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954. In 1962, for his peace activism, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This makes him the only person to be awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes. He is one of only four individuals to have won more than one Nobel Prize (the others being Marie Curie, John Bardeen, and Frederick Sanger). Pauling is also one of only two people to be awarded Nobel Prizes in different fields, the other being Marie Curie.[8] - Wikipedia

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Bill Moyers
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"Dr. Jonas Salk would have turned 100 today. In this age of Ebola, it's enlightening and inspiring to hear Salk talk about the lessons he learned in developing the polio vaccine."

Boy that's ironic.

When I see a paper that shows the vaccine works in the base of selenium then you may have a point. I wouldn't bet my life on this though.

But if you really want to use nature than you don't mess with protein coat key sites, you go for the RNA. Flail away all you want at the selenoprotein coat, vaccine guys, but newsflash: cut off the head and the body will die and no vaccine is required.

Stop wasting $75 millions of Gate money and $35 Million of Zuck's money to make a vaccine that everybody has to have (and pay for) when if you just think a big and look at the GEBOV genims you really should pay attention to the homologue of the human selenoenzyme glutathione peroxidase.

I mean should we take a vote?

Hey people, what would you rather do? Pay For a triple recombinant reverse transcriptase inhibitor vaccine or eat the couple of nuts a day these guys eat?

"Many in West Africa May Be Immune to Ebola Virus" Richard Sexton These are the only things those people eat that's different from what you and I eat. There was an obscure biochemistry paper published in 1995 that requires one thing to be true: selenium. Those two nuts above are packed with the stuff.: The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 10, No.2, 1995 Theoretical Evidence that the Ebola Virus Zaire Strain May Be Selenium-Dependent: A Factor in Pathogenesis and Viral Outbreaks? Ethan Will Taylor and Chandra Sekar Ramanathan Here's the best part. Their explanation for why these people have been exposed to the virus and have specific antibodies to ZEBOV but no one ever got sick: bat spit. That's really what they said. "In the absence of identified risk factors, the high prevalence of “immune” persons suggests a common source of human exposure such as fruits contaminated by bat saliva. These findings provide significant new insights into ZEBOV circulation and human exposure, and raise important questions as to the human pathogenicity of ZEBOV and the existence of natural protective immunization." They think bats eat fruit get their spit all over it. Now, these are infected bats (which raises the question, um, why don't they die? Why do the bats have an immunity as well? Bats, like all animals that do not make their own ascorbate, can get and die of ZEBOZ) so the people of the forest come along (and the paper shows the immunity is overwhelmingly in the forest) and pick up the half eaten bat spit laden fruit. Ok look if you're doing this just stop. Just. Stop. This isn't funny any more. While I was doing an article on Jonas Salk yesterday on the 100th year anniversary of his birth (he died at 81 in 1995) and there was a huge scientific controversy at the time and I was looking into it, it involved Salk. An image associated with the research into the Polio virus in the slightly postwar era and grabbed this file from some university archive site and it had a silly name and I waned to keep track of what it was so called it The_Doctor_1948 ha ha ha that's funny, 1948 it didn't start till 53. No wait 63 oh that's just goofy. Anyway so it turns out Jonas Salk isn't a doctor at all, he flunked out of medical school and wanted to commercialize vaccines as a way to cure all diseases. One vaccine for every disease there is. He likes needles. Not sure why a slightly postwar European scientist would be like that but whatever. the other guy wasn't a doctor either. but he graduate college in chemistry at 16, explained the nature of the structure of all molecules, created entire fields of science and earned a second Nobel prize later on for humanitarianism while simultaneously being vilified by Salk's people because it wasn't any way to run a business. We have vaccines to make and we don't want to hear about your newfangled vitamins. We have a new way of using the circa 1720(AD) technique of squeezing cowpox cysts into an open wound and that we think will work with polio if we can just stop it from dying and if your stuff kills it its not really going to help is it? kthxbai *Click.* Well fuck, that's quite a battle. Ao we had to pick which one was gonna be used for the polio crisis and picked Salk. Now there's a that one guy on slashdot who did the math (WHO as of last weekend - rate of infection of 87% not the older 133%) and says ebola will wipe out all mankind in three years unless a cure is found for a virus they've been trying to make a vaccine for since Nixon was in office. And the clock is ticking - in fact in 60 days Africa is lost at this rate and that was as of two weeks ago. We need The Doctor. Not from a tv show we need a real doctor that can cure the infection that will in no uncertain terms wipe out every human on earth that does not make it's own ascorbate. If you check you'll see that's what they all have in common. Now animals make a lot of this stuff it turns out and only here and there in the animal kingdom did this process break, that is the four stage biochemical reaction that converts simple sugars to L-ascorbate, a basic building block of the body, got munged up i the fourth stage and instead of making vit C it makes fat. Fat in the bum and boobs is what differentiates genus Homo from other members of the Ape family btw, this mutation made us physically human because of fat and it was another mutation with the fat in the brain that gave us culture - religion, arg, burying the dad etc ans that happened between 140K and 70K yrs ago. so now there's two schools of thought on how to kill this thing ,one is wit a vaccine and the other is wt the tech the other guy dreamed up based on our new understanding of how these things called molecules work. Just to top it off Rodney Mallett turned on that time machine he built there at MIT. I thought it was impossible but MIT says no and I won't argue with them on this given it's running now. I mean - I didn't even make this, it just sort of appeared out nowhere as an artifact of the way text and images are stored in this program I wrote. in other words we have to decide, to save the world and very quickly with one of those guys really is the doctor. The cow pus WWII era European scientist with needles or the wizard of molecular everything. Because there's two ways of dong this, Salk's way and Pauling's way. Before He died in 1995 Salk died at 81 was trying to make a HIV vaccine and was the best in the world at this but it never worked. Pauling lived three years longer and died at 93 in 1998 long enough that in 1995 a message posted to usenet from somewhere provided the clue to not only cure HIV but Ebola. It was published and written up in 2007 with clinical reports and the cure for Ebola is a subset of that work. Either they both work neither works and we've known the HIV one works since 2007. The USG's last report on this was "interesting. needs further study" in 2010 which is an old icann jedi mind trick to make something go away fro a few more years. Currently 2 million people a year die of HIV mostly in Africa and the antiretroviral pill market is $13B a year. Sheeit, maybe we do need the one from TV, that's a holocausts worth bodies that didn't need to die. Staggering in its implications but that's the price of medical and scientific incompetence when it's making public health policy. The presidents words of two days ago "we're going with the science on this one" are indeed hopeful that when he had to pick a doctor he got the right idea this time and that silly notions of a vaccine for the different kind of virus that HIV and Ebola are, once you understand their ecology are sheer fantasy for very simple biochemical reasons. But how hard can it be to pick the doctor when you have these two photos from 1948? And as the only person I know other than Cindy Parker Minear that knows old Gallifeyan is there any chance you might be able to tell me what the message is there please? It might me important. Would you? Who'd eat that shit? Look up, there's good ones up there. These people hunt and fish and grow crops or all sorts, they don't need to pick up half eaten fruit ffs. But ok lets run with this. But ok, say they do. What they theorise here is the virus lands on the fruit and mutates into a non-lethal version, they catch this virus, the body kills it and not they have a specific immunity to the lethal virus. Problem here: 1) There is a cluster of villages, you can't get the same random mutation every time. Random doesn't work that way. That's why it's called "random" and not "infinitely repeatable". 2) How do you have a specific immunity to a nonlethal mutation of ZEBOV that confers immunity to the unmutated lethal version? That's not the non-lethal Philippine REBOV antibody, that's the lethal Zaire ZEBOV variant. You know the one that has 12 molecules of selenium in it while the non-lethal REBOV does not? There's that selenium again. That's just daft. But they were so close. Man and bat eat the same fruit. Duh. Both are immune. People in Gabon that don't live where that fruit bats aren't immune. Starting to make sense?

Now, what if I told you the one thing that makes that 1995 paper true is the presence of selenium in the blood. Which is also what you find in the soils in the forest of west Gabon and senegal,

Senegal stands out: because it has the highest amount of selnium in the world you can reaosnably expec the virus would abate there first, ands tht's exacly what happened, see

We know this about selenium and filoviruses becue we learned this drom HIV research. HIV was much much harder to catch in Senegal, men barely even passed it to their wives there, unlike the rest of sub saharan Africa. And because of this, we sound the selenium component to the lethal versions of various virus ahtar earmess without this selencheistry.

And this wasn't even n we learn the from Keshan's disease in China. None of this is new, it' s just not well know. Because there's a hell of alot of money in both vaccines and azt frankly. There's no money in this at all. A months supply is $2 at Walmart ffs. And the entire country of Senegal has it a mile thick.

What if I told you this is a result of HIV research and that it's been known since 2007 this kills HIV, too. See Harold Fosters book on the subject, it's free online. How else would we know ZEBOV can strip more selenium in a day from the body than HIB can in a decade, hmm? You can look this up in google scholar and find it.

In 2010 the NIH issued a paper that said "It deserves further study".

AIDS deaths in 2011 - 1.7 million 1.5-1.9 million.

This was a $13B market in 2011

Foster was a geographer that did biostatistics and noticed Senegal stood out like a sore thumb - it had US style HIV rates right in the middle of the worst HIV infected area of Africa.

Experience with Keshen's taught us in selenium rich areas viruses can mutate to pick up a gene from us to use our own immune system against us - the selenium containing and fatal African variants all encode for glutathione peroxidase it's right there in the genome. Just look at it. it's just RNA. This is not rocket science.

Here's Foster's book. It explains the genetics and biochemistry of how HIV (and it turns out Ebola) works. 200 pps, 400 references. Once you've read this you'll understand the Ebola paper from 1995. Thing is, the 1995 paper (that does explain Gabon) had to be written first before they could figure HIV which is more complicated than Ebola. But that's why there is a clinic in Kampala using Fosters idea and you can check yourself it works.There are people on youtube that can tell you. Look up the Mengo clinic. Then google selenium and hiv and selenium and ebola and repeat that for google scholar. What you just did there is more than what the pharmaceutical companies have done, of if they did, they ignored it. Now you might wonder why doctors don't know this. It's because the network is blocked for them. The pharmaceutical companies had the organization that found this, banned form "Medline" It will show up in Google Scholar but not Medline. Cc: Jonathan Zittrain chilling effect indeed Cc: Wendy Seltzer

Way to go. You blocked the cure for Ebola and HIV because of a spat your vaccine guys had with Linus Pauling in the 1940s when he proved vitamin C would kill polio (still documented on the Pauling Institute site) and this fucking war of yours just nearly wiped out the whole planet, we had 3 years until extinction if a cure was not found.

"Klenner's paper (Klenner FR. The treatment of poliomyelitis and other virus diseases with vitamin C. J. South. Med. and Surg., 111:210-214, 1949.) on curing 60 cases of polio in the epidemic of 1948 should have changed the way infectious diseases were treated but it did not." - Robert Cathcart

Pauling reported that intravenous C workldon polio and the pharmecutial compaues tred to reporude his work witj ral Vit C whic si snot wor and pauinf so t the so. It wa not until 2010 wen the NUH finall acjonwledges that UVC works differnetly fro oral And this was surinf a rial to detering if IVC helps cancer, whihc Pauling had asserte it would in the 1950s, and yes it does. Fiftty eyars toacknowledge this. Dear mother of God please do not let that translate from old Gallifreyan. Pauling. The Doctor who invented biochemistry. He decoded the nature of the hydrogen bond, won two Nobel prizes (the only man to ever do so), discovered the nature of sickle cell anemia and found a cure for polio before Salk developed the vaccine: "Klenner's paper (Klenner FR. The treatment of poliomyelitis and other virus diseases with vitamin C. J. South. Med. and Surg., 111:210-214, 1949.) on curing 60 cases of polio in the epidemic of 1948 should have changed the way infectious diseases were treated but it did not." - Robert Cathcart What he's saying here is "there's two ways to kill the virus, a vaccine is the wrong way, it's the result of testing cowpox scabs on people and finding it works and who cares why. We have biochemistry now as of last year and the guy you just gave the nobel prize to that Einstein couldn't understand? This newfangled biochemistry of his is actually the way to go" ...and the response was to ignore Pauling, go full speed ahead with vaccine technology while the journal he helped start was blocked by the US medical profession and he was vilified. This was going on while he wile he was earning his other Noble prize as a humanitarian. What's wrong with this picture? The original dialogue between Pauling and Salk's people in 1948 went like this: "Hey, I found a way to kill this new virus thing with a branch of medicine I just discovers because I unlocked the secrets the molecule" "Yeah, we like that track with the cow scabs, we can charge a fortune for that. "Yeah No try this, it's way cheaper - 10g in an IV a day. It works here" "Ok, well try it" "Nope, we tried giving them ten 1g pills and it didn't work." "You Have to do it as in IV I told you that, it was greater molecular efficiency" "We gave them pills" "We tied that too, it doesn't raise the serum ascorbate level high enough to do anything you have to administer it IV" "Well the cowpox ting works were going with the vaccine" "It's the wrong way to approach this, it's like rejecting germ theory.and you don't need it, just look a the acrobate..." "...been great taking with ya Linus, I got a business to run here, gotta go kthxbai" *click* Pauling tried to get them to look at the difference in serum ascorbate when using UV and oral route ascorbate and pointed out it seems to kill cancer cells. In 2010 the NIH finally got round to it, noticed it was true and so now I suppose we can begin to use the technology Pauking invented that for 60 years the pharmaceutical industry said doesnt work. Because they tried pills instead of what they were supposed to do. Does that sound like them or what?

But, in the meamteme, We stuck with synthetic vaccines instead of using a chemical already in our bodies, for 70 years now and counting.

But now that may have run out. The vaccine may not work on Ebola. In conditions of low selenium the body's nicely trained immune system cannot make GPx3 (Glutathione peroxidase) and the virus takes over. Immunize people can still die of Ebola this way. You'll probably hear "oh that can only happen in case of extreme selenium deficiency". Yup. Then they die of Ebola atwr having paid for the vaccine and you knew in advance because I'm remaining you this was published long ago.

So you have Jonas Salk the leading guy on how to kill viruses and he made a vaccine. This enabled the profitability of an industry that is now the third leading cause of death in America today behind cancer and heart disease. Ironically the two things Pauling claimed (and proved) C would help.

So, if you think Salk is your guy you're picking a scientist who thinks a vaccine this THE way to kill a virus, it's not it's A way to kill a virus.

With Salk s paradigm you get 1) Cancer 2) Heart disease 3) the medical industry - as the three leading causes of death in America today. "Iatrogenic illness constitutes the third-leading cause of death in the United States; after heart disease and cancer.[2]"

Starfield B (July 2000). "Is US health really the best in the world?" (PDF). JAMA 284 (4): 483–5. doi:10.1001/jama.284.4.483. PMID 10904513. Jump up ^ Wolf, Hanson, Moir, Friedman, Savage, ed. (July 12, 2011). Organization Development in Healthcare: Conversations on Research and Strategies. Advances in Health Care Management Series #10. Emerald

But, if on the other hand you were looking at he science of viruses back then what you noticed is Cauling killed them with a chemical that is already in the body and form a scientific perspective you have to understand that really a vitamin at all, but an essential substance we could no longer manufacture in our bodies. Most animals make their own vitamin C, in large amounts. In humans, the gene for this ability has mutated and no longer works properly. The gene now makes fat instead. All those big people? Their bodies are trying to fix something. We need to fix out diets to correct for this mutation and if you think 4th century goat herders got this right you're literally dead wrong.

It is not possible to say Salk was a better scientist than Pauling. Before Pauling we had no idea how atoms stuck together to make large complex biological molecules. Pauling's thesis was on how that worked - the nature of the hydrogen bond - and he is to biology what Einstein and Feynman are to physics - in fact when given the Pauling paper to evaluate - because nobody else could, Einstein told the Nobel committee he didn't understand a word of it. Yet we still use it today. Note that Pauling understood relativity.

And this was borne the field of biochemistry.

So Salk was at best a student in the field made possible y the brilliance of Pauling.

The young patent medicine industry though, did not reward Pauling the way the nobel committee did, they ignored his work and carried on with vaccines. A technique used to kill cowpox during a time dinosaurs ruled the earth. In a world where biochemistry actually exist now, this makes no sense.

In fact they vilifired Pauling: and his disciples - Hoffer, Horrobin, Foster et al were similarly vilified. But they did not care and kept working.

And the Pharma run site "quackwatch" gave them no quarter but it also has the embarrassment row of having to lockdown a thread "debunking" a cancer cure which oops turns out of to be real.

The Cytochrome P450 enzyme CYP1B1 [1] only occurs in cancer cells [2][3]. When certain phytoalexins such as resveratrol and salvestrol are ingested these phytoalexins are converted by the P450 enzyme into piceatannol [4], which is fatal to cancer cells but not human cells [5][6]. [1]

So given all this why on earth would you want to hold up Jonas Salk? He's he worst thing that ever happened. He ignored the correct way to solve the problem and picked the one that was by far the most profitable.

Salk was a near psychotic in real life, so there's that. Pauling won a second Nobel for his humanitarian work. The only man to ever win two Nobels in history., and you say Salk and the vaccine industry is better? The only person Salk ever benefitted is Pharmaceutical industry, who I am guessing paid for this PR fluff piece.

Let me be clear I'm not anti vax, it is A tool, but it is not THE tool. It certainly doesn't get to suppress science like it has been doing.

As, I suspect we're about to find out, with Ebola. We'll know soon enough.

Keep your eye on the body count. How do the numbers in Africa look today?

Cc: Charles Nesson
Cc: James Packard Love
Cc: Harold Feld
Cc: Carl ZimmerYou Have to do it as in IV I told you that, it was greater molecular efficiency

But, in the meamteme, We stuck with synthetic vaccines instead of using a chemical already in our bodies, for 70 years