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Ben Goldacre unpicks dodgy scientific claims made by scaremongering journalists, dubious government reports, pharmaceutical corporations, PR companies and quacks. Full bio

How do we know what is true in medicine?

Every day there are news reports of new health advice, but how can you know if they're right? Doctor and epidemiologist Ben Goldacre shows us, at high speed, the ways evidence can be distorted, from the blindingly obvious nonsese claims to the very subtle tricks of the pharmaceutical industry.
Ben Goldacre, Think Helsinki, Think! September 2015

Hiding negative evidence. Recall that "pseudoscience" is defined as 'ignoring negative evidence'. Medical Pseudoscience?

What doctors don't know a about the drugs they prescribe

When a new drug gets tested, the results of the trials should be published for the rest of the medical world except much of the time, negative or inconclusive findings go unreported, leaving doctors and researchers in the dark. In this impassioned talk, Ben Goldacre explains why these unreported instances of negative data are especially misleading and dangerous.