Vaccine Flaws


Diseases were mostly all gone when vaccines were introduced

The idea vaccines wiped out disease is nonsense. Diseases were reduced by improved sanitation and nutrition and by the time vaccines were introduced nerly all were reduced to a mere fraction of what they were.

All graphs from:

Vital Statistics Rates in the United States, 1940-1960, Volumes 83-960
By Robert D. Grove, Alice M. Hetzel,
National Center for Health Statistics (U.S.)

Flaws in animal models used in human disease research

How many different vaccines caused polio paralysis

In the 1950s in the US it was noticed that after vaccination paralytic polio sometimes occurred. In the 1990s after it began happening in India and Africa it was confirmed: " Through their laboratory work, they discovered that tissue injury produced by an injection aided the poliovirus to infect the body and readily journey to the spinal cord. For the first time, health professionals working in polio endemic regions had scientific evidence that pediatric injections could incite paralysis.".


Immunization without immunity.

Not the same as immunity without immunization.

"These are my vaccine titers I had drawn a couple weeks ago. Iíve had ALL of my childhood vaccines AND boosters, and yet Iím immune to NOTHING. Didnít they say vaccines work? And yet here I am walking around unvaccinated but yet vaccinated? So much for ďherd immunityĒ - Jessica Rigdon.

polio: How many different vaccines caused polio paralysis